Roccat , Any good?

If you have one ,how would you rate it ?
ive seen contrasting opinions so far,nothing rock solid.
If it's shit ill buy another DA (mine's broken cable)

image: funny-000949
i know :) ive seen you writing that before ,but It's very expensive and shape is very diffrent
from Death adder. MX 518 which im using as a backup doesn't suit me either.
well you have 2 additional pieces for the mouse, so that u can adjust its both size and weight+ its comfortable both when controlling it with whole hand and fingers only...about price- i bought mine for +-45 euro =]
[pl] no widziałem jakieś zdjęcia że obudowa się zmienia,myślalem że to tylko zapasowa.
Jak bardzo zmienia to kształt? przywykłem do deathaddera a mx518 jakoś mi nie leży w dłoni,pozatym światełka też fajna sprawa,a roccat miło się prezentuje.Ale to już odpada,nie mam zamiaru go kupić.Lepiej zainwestować w coś sprawdzonego. Popatrze na te g9,może u mnie w mieście gdzieś da się w sklepie je obejrzeć. [ / pl ]
if you like the shape of G5 you will like the Roccat Kone :)

9/10 imo
played with it for 2 months and broke it 1 week after cc5. it has been made of aids
:) looks fancy though

this mouse has lights in it

and its named after a shape but spelt differently

and it has like 52,000,000 dpi's a minute

parra used it at lan too!
thank you for this very usefull and important information!
np its good to help the community
np for it, if u prefer G5 (i had that befero) then u'll easy get used to it

prob is that u can't make ur own DPIs there is some standard DPI u need to use, but its working fine when ur worked a bit with ingame sens, roccat sens and the DPI

but i'll always prefer the G5 i think
I got roccat adrenaline, tried it once, didn't like it, I mean the micro crystals feel like fragments of glass and it was anything but slippery, so I gave it to sanda. Dunno what he did with it :p
I was thinking and came to conclusion that it would be best to stay with the same mouse.
I bought mine without warranty for 15 pounds,now after 1,5 year cable is broken,so Im kinda forced to buy another mouse.I have mx 518 but I need two mouses at home+ i don't like it.
ive got one, it rox with the pad roccat taiato, buy it fast !
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