Wolf: stable fps

was wondering how to set the maxfps

some say this command in wolf=

com_unlock_maxfps xxx

this doesnt work though, or do i need to buy something with the money ? :d

just wanted to get some stable fps reaching 100-125 unstable

kk thx bb
ge moe uw mulle houde as ge niks te zegge ebt zegt spie <3
was nog nooit eerste :<
com_unlocktimingmethod 1
com_unlock_maxfps 120
dunno, even menu was lagging to me, so I.. didnt care to play it!
you cant get stable fps in wolf
seta com_showfps "1"
seta com_unlockFPS "1"
seta com_unlock_maxFPS "125"
seta com_unlock_timingMethod "1"
Pick the right category to post in so that ppl that don't want to see wolf stuff don't see it.

What is the use of a filter if there is no control over what category is being used.
my friend had the same problem, he uninstalled the game.

it worked.
Not possible. I would have 120 stable. But engine just > me. FPS drops all the time sometimes even 2-3 secs Connection lost lag.... I have to wait for wolfpro but i dont think that will fix very much :( it will maybe make the game playable but i'm not sure if they can do much about the netcode/fps stuff...
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