sprint echo

set beginsprinting "echo Sprinting ON; +sprint; set sprinttoggle vstr endsprinting"
set endsprinting "echo Sprinting OFF; -sprint; set sprinttoggle vstr beginsprinting"
set sprinttoggle "vstr beginsprinting"
bind ctrl "vstr sprinttoggle"

is there some way to show the echo instantly, so i know when its enabled

cuz atm it just comes between all the other shit like "nigga1 got killed by nigga2"
so it doesnt really make sense

best would be if it would show all the time when i hit a button ENABLED, and then until i hit it again DISABLED

is that possible? :p
b_popuptime 0
shit script, seriously :x
why dont u use

say "Watch out, I'ma sprinting right now, you should HIDE!!!!111" and
say "Uh, I'm fat and cant sprint anymoar!!!!!111"

instead of those echos
set sprinton "+sprint;echo noneeed..."
set sprintoff "-sprint;echo also noneeed..."
bind KEY vstr "sprinton sprintoff"

idk if it worx
can you send me this script? i would like to use it
I seriously would love to know the purpose of this script.
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