i need a team :)

when i get my new headset in a few days i will be looking for a team to play with..nothing serious but good fun

what i want is :-

playing oc(div does not matter)
skill of around med
no cheaters
prac a few times a week

Q me in IRC in #ALMIGHTY.ET name sesn1`
or u can leave me a pm here

cant be botherd with a random pic /flame that shit
gl sesn1
you told me you was going jail?


but yea, pmme i got team for u
wont go jail till start of jan..trial is not gunna get to crown court till december...enough evidence to go jail mate
hey sexy! <3
Why don't all you cless guys form a team, you're all stating that you're med/+ , so np with skill differences !
i said around med..and its not rly a claim as thats the skill i play at...not like all of the low+ that claim to be med EDIT- btw who are you?...i bet ur 1 of these low+ claiming to be med
hey sesn bstrd, what happened to u???
gl my sexi whore
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