Fueldump 4 RTCW (beta)

I continued my project from about a year ago yesterday to convert Fueldump to RTCW with some changes of course. I'm hoping it will suit RTCW and maybe be a cross between assault with lots of sniper action, and other classic RTCW gameplay.

I hope to use this map in the next edition of #RTCW-cup.
(for the pointless comments)


Destroy the Fueldump!



old screens here


Removed: First half of map.
Removed: Tank aspect.
Removed: CP area.

Added: Hill Spawn Flag Courtyard
Added: Plant-able Main and Side Walls
Added: Allies Barracks Spawn Point
Added: Axis Garage Spawn Point
Added: Axis Barracks Spawn Point
Added: Better Crossfire Positions.
Added: Other Minor Changes


In this test release I haven't included the lights as they still need some work.


I'm looking for some feedback to try and fix any major bugs, and gameplay issues before developing the aesthetics of the map further.


nice one crmbs, do you know if its on anyservers i can test out
sorry this is in quite early stages, and i dnt have any server access neway :P

nice ;D
time post snap!
gonna test it
Really nice job, sir!
brb playin rtcw :oD!
oh god the horror
looks good, but useless
lets switch to rtcw there are et maps !!!
mh lol - whens the next rtcw-cup coming?
First map of the part is greatest.
first part of the map..?
looking good crumbs :)
Its nice that people actually still use time in the game =) gj
well let's face it: probably better than wasting it on Wolf :D
You have a good point there :P
looks great man but sadly RTCW doesnt have the numbers to make me go back though i wish it did :(
omg u cunt :(

come noobash in 1.0
i have been the past 2 days =D
:o me and oranje sometimes go sluxx or clansunited dm on evenings , come with us :p
u know where to find me d00d just pm me :O)
come on msn , i cba to load up irc most of the times : D
where are You playing guys ? which server ip mod version ?
nice map
it rly has that rtcw feeling
edit: concerning the two stairs at the entrance to the fueldump, id recommend to make a ladder on the left side instead of the second stairs, it just looks like a bit to much.
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