Chkdsk goes so awfully slow at step 4 :/ It started at 21.00 and it's now 7.30 and it only got 40% completed :S Is that normal ?


I wanna buy new processor and graphic card, but is it needed for me to buy a new mobo and harddrive with it ?

(Wanna buy Intel i7 2.66 GHz + Gainward gtx 295)

definitely need a new mobo and prolly ddr3 ram , hdd can stay afaik
well if you havent do chkdsk for an long time it can b normal that it takes really long time..
why chkdsk? its not necessary.
ddr3 if you will use 64bit os
depends how old your hardware is. But still its a lil bit too much i think. I only need about 10/15min to repair 640gb from recovery console. I'd take i7 + HD4890 (better price/performance) but if money isn't an issue go for gtx 295.
I have a Intel Core2Duo E6300 (2 cores of 1.86 GHz) and the nVidia 7700 LE. My pc is so focking slow, but I could be bec I've never did such a chkdsk before. I'll just defragment everything, repair register and stuff. And if that doesn't works, I'll just format and reinstall windows. Or should I immediatly reinstall windows instead of doing all the defragment shizzle ?
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