I rly know shit 'bout formatting. Yesterday, someone explained me a lot 'bout it, and he asked if I had 2 hard disks. I said no, but now I realize I do have one >< So now is my question, what's the difference in formatting if u have 2 hd's or 1 ?
I just wanna trow everything of ma pc, but if you have 2 hd's, they say u should just format the disk c:/ trougout disk d:/ or sth, understand shit 'bout it fosure ...
try to write without this shit slang, and we will understand u
u can back up your data on the 2nd one :o)
but I just wanna start all over again, like I have a new pc, nothing on it.
that's what it means, C drive is from where the processes are running from, u can have over 9000 !!!!!!!!! drives there but if they aint the main drives then u can just store stuff there since u only need 1 drive with operating system on it to boot ur machine
then u won't need a 2nd drive. And no it's not possible to install it via the 2nd drive or so if u need to format the one where u got OS
format: B
fail incoming
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