Firewall/Antivirus and Antispyware combo

What do u guys think is the best Firewall, Antivirus and Antispyware combo ?
I adviced someone and this is what he said

Firewall : ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall (Free)
Antivirus : Nod32 or AVG
Antispyware : Malwarbytes Anti-Malware

Do u guys have other opinions 'bout this ?
And what do u guys find the best combo in YOUR opinion.
Any of the following:
McAfee, Norton Antivirus & AVG
Well, I had AVG, and when scanning, i didn't even found the half then when I scanned with for example the Spybot Search & Destroy. And I heard ZoneAlarm is very good for it's firewall, and I was only using Windows Firewall, so I'd like to have a very good but free firewall.
Well AVG is free so what do you expect?. Just get Norto or McAfee and get a youknowwhat
spybot is mainly for spyware =/= viruses
avg is mainly for viruses and deletes some dangerous spyware

so its normal spybot will find much more
Firewall : Windows default.

Antivirus: Avira.

Antispyware: Crapcleaner.
CCleaner is a crap cleaner, no spyware killer, rofl
you typed it, so u do
Typing =/= caring , genius.
no but bragging of what u use is. Ofc u defend urself now, cause u failed
Negative, you.
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nod32 full package imo

altho norton is alright aswell just annoying with all the popup bullshit
kaspersky 4 all
best combo? comodo or nod32
comodo only
on my home pc (xp): avast antivirus + sygate personal firewall + adaware / spybot (but gtfo with adaware live or spybot immunization n shit like this which contantly runs in the background)
on my notebook (vista): avast antivrus + online armor firewall + a squared / spybot

all the stuff i mentioned above is free stuff. especially avast is really good tbh and free for personal / home use. i wouldn't recommend zonealarm. but usually all software-firewalls are kinda useless anyway.
one word, kaspersky!
Firewall : Windows Vista Firewall (it truly rox)
Antivirus : Avira AntiVir
Antispyware : Spybot + a-squared
comodo and eset smart security are pretty good..
how ever i use kaspersky i-netset security 2010.. without brain nothing helps
lo0o0o0o0ol software firewall nice security lo0o0o0o0o0ol

router with hardware firewall!!! rest is shit!!!
NORTON SUCKS so does mcafffee both slow u down to fuck

Avast good antivirus, fully automatic no annoying questions AND free
malwarebytes, good for malware and free too^^, Advanced system protecor is decent
windows firewall

great little program called ccleaner download it, it rocks
Norton is best.
Avast + Spybot ftw!
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