ET problem

OK I finally built my new PC after 3 hours of hard work and 5 cut fingers.

Everything is working, sound, graphics, CPU everything.

When I got to play ET it freezez however at awaiting challenge 1.

The original ET DOES work, its just when I upgrade to 2.60 and 2.60b that it freezes.

ANy help would be appreciated.

EDIT : thought it was fixed it wasn't. It just seems to be ET 2.60 that I have the problem with.

ET original works.
ET 2.60b on its own works but I get the pk3 file missing when connecting to server.

When I install 2.60 it freezes at awaiting challenge 1.

Sweden haxx

gl with it!
try downloading 2.6 again

if you did partition your hdd, try installing the game on main partition where your windows is!

just try don't really know if it works

kitchen sink!
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