fps drops for no reason


I'm having some fps problems for some time now. I never had them before. I usually have a stable 76 fps but it seems that it gets frozzen for a second or half of a second usually when i'm in a duel. I formated my pc, but it didn't help. Solutions?
laggscript, for sure.
i don't have any firewalls activated.
clean your pc from virus&spyware, do disk defragment, remove vista aero theme, that helped my bro.
fps drops for no reason

can't be true
perhaps use a LQ config?
man i get them since today aswell...wtf..since i bought this pc it was 125stable all the time...and it still is,but i get lyk pc freezes every 2sec for lyk 1mili sec...its fucking annoying any 1 kno what to do?i scanned my pc for viruses/spywares/now runnin defrag
wait for antipro

image: tinypic-29egd37
theres always a reason
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