looking for someone to play with

so I've cleared some free time to dedicate for ET since I really miss playing, after not touching the game seriously since 2007 or so, but I still got a life, an apartment to pay for and a girlfriend to feed :)
I'm looking for an adult 6on6 clan whos looking to play for fun and not aimming at eurocup and\or european top, although I do want to participate ladders and cups, and ofcourse win from time to time :p

I guess I'm low thesedays but I play since 2003 and I've got an impressive ET history (Team-Israel, insanity in the good old days)
I'm 21 years old living in Israel(meaning a clan with a UK\DE server would be appreciated :))
avi twice a week, mostly at evenings, might make it three times a week if asked in advance and if its important enough
can offer building a nice website
can speak English quite well
medic\eng smg, and fo if really needed :p

if online, you can find me at #TAMTAM, but I rather have you pming me here
or facebook if really needed :D
good luck :)
good luck
gl nice post
wrote it all by myself
afilu ehad lo nisa laredet aleha.. kavud :)
lama mishu yachol ledaber iti? ;)
stam... aval gam odahut gl lo mamash ozrot li kan...
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