help? RTCW config installing.

jo, i just recently downloaded RTCW ( piratebay COUGH )
and i was wondering i have 2 rtcw cfgs but in Enemy Territory u drop the cfg in ETmain and when u enter the game ya do /exec autoexec but where do you drop your cfg in rtcw?

i dont know where the fuk i most drop that shit cfg ... and does an enemy territory cfg work on a RTCW game?

thnks .
in the main folder, only most of the ET config will work in rtcw
return to caslte woflenstain/main/

not every cvar in cfg will work... for examples all b_ wont work...

Most configs will have similar cvars I would presume.

Place the config in your MAIN folder and exec it just like et. eg /exec autoexec.cfg

You may have trouble getting on servers if you dont have legit cd key. I suggest buying the game from Steam, it is cheap and it is well worth the money.

I like the servers ECG, allstars and mad 4 wolf

Have a great day and enjoy the classic which is rtcw
buy a dead game? does not make sense
The public servers are limited but you can still get a game every night and I had allot of fun with rtcw over the summer.

Maybe it costs around £10 on steam... for me that is cheap but then again I aint 15 and jobless....
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