new on CoD4

hey cf,

i just bought cod4....
and i would like to play wars like i did on et..
but idk any nice servers or clans

so could you guys plz give me some nice servers/clans
and do you have any tips or something??

i played for the 1st time CoD4 too tonight. The only tip i can give you: camp xD
thats fucking lame, you need to rush :)
hell no dude !
There are quite a lot of mods and patches you'll need, update first! Best to play TDM to start because in s&d if you get owned u gotta sit and wait for the next round and that gets dull fast!

u mean i need 1.7??
yea dl all the patches
whats new on 1.7 ?
dunno just where all the players play
you justg need the 1.6 patch and then update to 1.7
Promod TDM server:

TDM, like Toss said, is probably the best way to learn the game. TDM promod, will be the best way to learn the game with competitive restrictions (1 sniper etc).


Oh & #dziwki.cod4 are a nice team, but girls only. ;D
k thx alot :D

btw.. i need a good cfg :p

dziwki - whores in polish:D
all id say is



good high fps config

-play on a promod servers as much as you can

-use a AK/Ak74u or scope if your ever fast enough to steal it :P

-one the ol' pubbing gets you going head over to tek9 and dl some of the demo's
if you want to be good in wars you gotta pick some tips up or watch some replays on Quadv

-play some pickups

-geek nades

-be coolio
if you have just bought cod4 i suggest you to have fun on publics first, whore xp, get guns, learn maps etc. after you've some experience of how things goes then seek for clan or start playing on promods or what ever you want to do.

and you don't need to download all patches, just 1.6full and 1.7 (the newest)
Promod S&D :)

Only public that i like, and its dutch:)
First play some games in random publics, to get the feel of the game. You won't play cod4 long if you get raped on every promod server you go.
Once you know the game, go promod TDM, like the dignitas public server.
From then on you can go to cod4 mp uk pickup, get to play in some mixed scrims.
And from there on you can join a clan :)
you just wasted your money , cod6 is coming in about a month !
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