Modern Warfare 2 League

The league team doesn’t want you...

We want your friend.

-The one you go to when you need a server setting up or a config updating.
-The clan mate that organises all of your games.
-The player that sends you all text messages to get on for practice.
-The friend that somehow appears to live on IRC or msn and whose chair has an imprint of their bum on it.
-The one you speak to privately and know they will not repeat what has been said.

If you know somebody like that then please point them to this forum post as we would like their help and would like to make them part of our events team.

If you have skills you think we need, if you can organise yourself and events well. If you’re reliable and trustworthy. Maturity is essential as is a very comprehensive knowledge of the game and its community and history. If you think you’d be an asset to the events team then please get in touch explaining why you think so and what you think you could do to help get MW2 off the ground at a competitive level.

We are really up for supporting cod as it has a long standing fanbase and the community would benefit greatly from having a well run ladder to play in plus monthly cups and leagues.

Thanks for reading. Now go tell your friend you’ve seen a forum post that might interest them.

Feel free to give me a mail with any questions
thanks for not showing any interest in me, prick.

just when i needed the extra attention.
the "give me your config" PM's dont feed me that much anymore :(
still long way till 24th of November
dumbest recruitment post ever
Good luck peter :)
good luck nice effort
nice post and gl with your search :)
gl, hope it turns out successful :)
i've got the skills and shit mate, but i'm not interested of clan gaming. :/
random pic please !
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