mepa|Blue. recruiting

Many of you might know of the Malta@MEPA Clan - aka the Maltese laggers :'(

Well lately we have accepted another squad within us - and we split up into mepa Green (old squad) and mepa Blue (new :o )

The skill of the Green Squad is accepted to be mid but we are still figuring out the Blue squad. The organisation team want it to be mid like us so that's where we are aiming.

The Blue squad is at the moment looking for a Fieldops to be able to have a fixed lineup.

What you need to have is good skill in mastering signals
Communication Skills
Decent fragging skills (not like me :P)
Teamwork (no prima donnas please ;))
And some other things u want clans will search for when recruiting :)
oww .. and Availability coz your future-leader is addicted to ET

So if you are interested pm on irc #mepa Maltamepa|Energizer and if he's not there either send an email to me on or else speak to me / MaltaToxic who are the manager of whole MEPA Clan.

Cheers ;)

PS if you badly want to join the blue squad and u excel in some other skills rather than signals, and ur a friend of us - remember to give us a shout :D
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