external hard drive

hey guys,
i have an external hard drive and when i try to connect it it say : its ready to work
but i didn't see it on the work station (i dunno if its the good word in english).
i have already try to turn it on - off, to put it on an other usb..
i was trying to go on work station on Disk Management but nothing to do with my extern hard drive, my etkey(my yawn, etc) was on it and i realy need it, if someone can help me it would be great.

best regards, nicolah
You should format it first.
yeah but i need smth which is one is on the hard drive...
If there's already something on the HDD, you shouldn't be needed to actually format it (since then its already formatted else you can't put files on it :P)
i can't, i didn't see this option on the disk administration :/
i don't know, where can i see that?
i didn't see the external hard drive at disk managment
i don't understand, sry
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