Avi for XMas cup

Yop every1

Avi for the cup - played RTCW since the start even now playing ET
Played on @dv| - Cfh ( cowboys ) and SNA
Leet sniper and medic

/q me here or irc @ #starzz.gaming or #clanbase.et " Im your favorite admin :p "
The one on the left is yummy
im checking if some liquids still want to play, if i dont ve enough i ll pm you!
will you pm me if you wont have enough? :<
still avi :/
It sounds like crab is trying to build a team up. I will definitely get involved!
Omg Dts's still alive :) how is it gay did u quit smoking since time ? ^^

Btw still avi :( i wanna play this
Mate I'm going to play with Crab and some other people at liquids. I'm sure there would be a place for someone like you.

p.s. Yes I have quit smoking, in my final year of my English degree at a good university so I have to spend most of my time writing long, tedious essays!
If liquids want me :) im THE MAN ^^
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