RtCW XMAS Cup medic/backup AVI

As most of you know - I'm a nazi in this forum (atleast so do promote me Dunzy and Sol, and many other communist friends, but actually I'm very friendly and nice (ask ETQWPro community (profile for teams and stuff)!)


If any team need a really BACKUP guy or a purely medic-shaman (mostly doing medic stuff rather than shooting), I'm available for XMAS coup or any other RtCW cups. Just want to be at some point part of any RtCW games, since this was the first and the only game really beloved for me since internet in my house ... Q_Q

1. ~23 years old
2. Low- skilled in duels/shootouts
3. Almost low++ at being background medic :)
4. Native: Latvia Latvian, Almost fluent: England English, Rather good: Russia Russian, Primitive understanding: Germany German, Estonia Estonian, Lithuania Lithuanian
5. Some background with ET (nothing really important or skilled) and RtCW (mostly pubbing some years ago and now again a bit
6. Willing to play
7. Can use Teamspeak / Ventrilo / Mumble / You name it communications
Good Luck,
Totally efficient and so friendly. I'd highly recommend them to Kiara
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