Since my 2 y/o Sennheiser recently decided to fall apart and I don't have any speakers, I decided to buy some new headphones (no headset!).
I went to some store nearby and took a look at what they offer. Here's a shortlist:
http://www.beyerdynamic.de/cms/Premiumline.105.0.html?&L=1&tx_sbproductdatabase_pi1_showUid= -> Beyerdynamic DT 440
http://www.beyerdynamic.de/cms/Stereo-Kopfhoerer.50.0.html?&L=1&tx_sbproductdatabase_pi1_showUid= -> Beyerdynamic DTX 770
AKG K 181 DJ

I only wanted to spend a maximum of 100€, so the K 181 is actually a bit too expensive, but I would prefer its bigger "shell" over the one of the K 81. So far I'd go for the DT 400 (~100€), that is if you don't come up with anything better.

Any recommendations, ideas, tips?

edit: seems like xfire doesn't like the beyer links
i dont like the beyer links
Well, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 (80 Ohm version) headphones and the Audio-Technica ATH-A900 are considered by many to be the best gaming headphones out there.

I haven't personally heard the AKG K 81\181 but many audiophiles use them as their portable headphones (when they don't use IEM). Though I'm not sure they will really go along with gaming.

I'd try to check out the ATH-900 ($150) or its smaller brother the ATH-500 ($90), as they should really be great all rounders and good for gaming.

Any way, try to listen to the headphones before you buy them - yes some stores allow you to do that. And listen to albums you have heard before so you can get an accurate idea of the headphones qualities.

Pme @ irc if you have more questions ;E
Should have added that I will mainly use them for listening to music.

Haven't seen any Audio-Technica heaphones in that store. Only AKG, Sennheiser, Philips, Sony, and some Beyerdynamics. And since I need them till sunday, that's when I'm driving back to uni, I'd like to buy them in a store nearby and not order them.
What type of music do you mainly listen to?
And, will you be listening to them via a computer?
Mainly: Rock / Metal (/ Psy Trance)
Yes, a computer with onboard sound.
Well, then you should forget about the 770.
I think the AKG are less appropriate for computer use and are more portable oriented. I think in terms in sound quality both are pretty equal, but the 440 are full sized cans which cover your whole ear and Beyerdynamic are known for their comfortable headphones.

But its really important that you personally listen to them, because your opinion is really the only thing that counts - at least for headphones.

btw - you might want to check out the senn 595, I think they are in the $120 range, not sure.
Will definitely do so. Thanks for the infos!
Bought the dt 440. The sound is quite neutral (e.g. compared to the HD280Pro which seemed to have more bass). They didn't have the HD595, only the 555 and some 6XX.
Having played q3 for some minutes, I need to say I've never heard my enemy that good. :x

One last question: If the Ohm value is higher does that mean the headphones are more quiet? The DT440 (32 Ohm) can be pretty loud.
buy perfoheisers
icemat siberia and just remove the mic.
If u want real HD sound buy a

Sennheiser HD 650

(U may need a new soundcard 48K hz)
Care. my headset coasts like 7€ and everybody knows i own the et-scene.
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