Linux Ventrilo client Mangler gets to 1.0rc1 release!

Good news for the Linux users who even to this date haven't yet received the blessings from Flagship Industries to be able to use Ventrilo client software natively!

Today (Friday 13th of November) Eric Kilfoil and Daniel Sloof have released first release candidate of their Ventrilo 3.0x compatible open source VOIP client - Mangler:

Two months ago today, I wrote out the beginnings of libventrilo3. It barely worked, and when it did work, all it did was display some hex packet dumps while attempting to connect to a server. The whole thing was about 1000 lines of code and the majority of that was debug code.

Two months, 8,800 lines of code (11,200 if you include the UI definition), and hundreds of hours of staring at network packet dumps later, we have a stable and functional client. And more importantly, we're about two weeks away from release. Today's snapshot is Mangler 1.0 release candidate 1.

New features since the previous snapshot include:
[list][*]Per-user volume settings (double click a user in the channel list)
[*]Mouse button push-to-talk
[*]Fix all ticking audio in both Speex and GSM (in both directions)
[*]Added notification sounds for users joining your channel, login, logout, etc. (disable them in Settings -> Audio)
[*]The server list window is fully implemented
[*]The ability to set your comment, URL, and your music player text
[*]And of course, other minor bug fixes.[/list]

An additional feature that may squeak into 1.0 is music player integration for showing your current media player's song as "now playing" in the channel list.

I also want to say thanks to Darryl Grennan (a.k.a. x3464) who was the most active person performing QA testing for us. I can't stress enough that if we don't know about the bugs and/or it's not behaving the way you think it should, we need to know about it, especially during this phase.

Head over to Mangler official home page for downloads, screenshots and forums!
need support for 2.x.x
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