Yesterday i bought a russian version of mw2.
Everything seemed fine at first when i inserted my cd key in steam and it started downloading english version(which is exactly what i wanted). When i finished downloading and started playing came this error :localization.txt not found make sure you run cod mw2 from right folder ( or something). So I started looking and turns out alot of people have the same problem(only with russian version). Reinstalled it on russian version and everything works but the only problem is that i don't understand a thing in russian!??!?
So can anyone help me out?

QuoteYesterday i bought a russian version of mw2.
it's supposed to be multilanguage
Thats not my point
Found your problem - russia.
Found your problem - modern warfare 2.
Found your problem - insert random problem here.
Learn Russian.
dl english version :p
so u trust in russia to save 2 euros? :DDDD
Well i got it fixed and i got the game for 17 euros so i think it was a pretty good deal.
thats just poor talking
Reinstall game
go drink some pinaple juice
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