MW2 Winter Cup

Well with the game released and starting to get under way its time to see how it stands up on online play with a winter cup. The question being can a game without dedicated servers and no modding really work competitively?

Over the next few days I will be setting up such a cup and need sign ups.

You can find it at

- 5v5 SD single-elimination tournament
- No killstreaks / no nooby-spammy-rubbish
- Try to make the game as skill based as is possible by banning certain weapons etc...

If you're interested please sign up your team on the website or you can contact me here or on #normality @ irc.


- Ethr
why would anyone play a dead game?
geez give it a chance

although crossfire often speaks the truth atleast give it a chance
theyre all ingame, playing mw2, great boycot
'givin a chance'
thanks for explaining the joke, sir
Yes.. go support a game that is against PC-gamers, WAY TOO GOO MANNNN
You can make a newsitem for these kind of cups!
just trying to get some interest
how many signups so far?
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