rtcw pb issue :/

hey basically i installed rtcw (patches etc.) and for about 5 mins could play online, then i got kicked with a message saying - update your punkbuster visit evenbalance.com or something similar to that. rtcw now thinks my pb is permanently disabled and i cant get on any servers with pb.

so i go to pbsetup click update and well it doesnt update, instead it comes up with a pbsetup error..

it comes up with this error below.

image: rtcwpbissue.th

if first link fails or whatever - http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/6520/rtcwpbissue.jpg

any ideas on how to stop this from happening or how to get around this would be greatly appreciated.

pigi.. did you buy a rtcw key?? :o
no have the actual game but as the comment below says it hates me :/
Reinstall the punkbuster services , will fix 80% of the problems.
delete pb folder, reinstall 1.41 patch and update with pbsetup
don't forget to do:-

1. Remove any autoexecs from Main (is an issue with SP and sometimes with MP)
2. Like et, run as admin, winxp blah balah
3. Keep patch 1.41 to reinstall if needed
4. Update PB

that will sort ya

I'm running win7 btw so AZA IT DOES WORK!!!
lucky... rtcw + pb fails for me on windows7 have to use linux
;( strange...I had issues with et on win7 but not with rtcw... I had to build a new config though so maybe has something to do with that
what windows7 are you on?

im on 64bit professional
32, RC (build7100), I believe they are all ultimate the RCs.
delete your pb folder and run pbsetup again
did you go to evenbalance.com? I had to use that a few weeks ago worked ok for me - the one already in folder can give issues I believe.
lol doif :D
Totally efficient and so friendly. I'd highly recommend them to Kelly
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