Mangler Snapshot and Packages for 1.0rc2 Available!

Mangler 1.0rc2 is available today with some major bug fixes. Thanks to everyone that reported bugs from the 1.0rc1 release.

The major bugs fixed are:
  • Fixed a few pretty major memory leaks
  • Properly implement password protected channel hierarchy (sub-channels are protected by parent channel passwords)
  • Support servers that do not allow you to view the channel list
  • Added PTT support for mouse buttons 8/9
  • Added Gnome desktop information files and icons
  • Increased the maximum amplification for per-user volume
  • Fix for speex channel specific codec format changes
  • Fixed a bug/crash in outbound speex codec processing
  • Fixed the last transmit timestamp resetting on comment change or channel change

There is still a major issue on some Speex codec combinations that are causing issues. It is possible that — depending on your server codec — you can get temporarily banned by attempting a transmit. Unfortunately, the only way to get yourself unbanned is to restart the server. This issue is currently our highest priority. This only affects specific Speex codec formats and specific servers. For example, Speex @32khz Quality 10 is known to function normally. Speex @16khz Quality 5 is known to cause problems. Other formats may or may not work. When this problem is resolved, we will release rc3 immediately.

Find out more and download at Mangler official homepage!
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A Ventrilo Compatible Client for Linux
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