need coder for a project

I'm looking for someone with coding skills, I dont know much about coding myself so cant really say what languages are required.

has been suggested that with either AutoIT or ACTool this project would be plausible, however for example C# or VB.NET are fine as well though might be bit more troublesome.

things required from the program:

- ability to control desktop (performing tasks such as moving, clicking, typing)
- update-able database
- automation

will give more detailed information to those interested.

depending on the quality of the product / time consumed for coding, I would be willing to pay 200-600 euros, this of course, is negotiable.

please contact only if you know how to code and think you could spend couple of weeks(really have no clue how long it would take) for a project

pm here or find me on irc under nick decem
Why don't you use a program like remote desktop control?
it needs to be automated
:o i see, that will be harder to create, Good luck finding one, If I had time I would give it a try but impossible:((!
Give more details & an example on the "automated" mode.
it needs to operate a progam as automated selling and buying bot. do transactions with other users. have list with sell and buy prices for different products.
I doubt anyone would create something like that for 200 - 600 euro's. If you really want to get it done by professionals, feel free paying thousands of euro's :)
I dont want professional, I want someone who knows how to code, has some free time and wants to help me. sure being a professional is bonus.
serious project is serious
Teamviewer ftw
- serious project
- 200-300 euros
- couple of weeks
- recruiting is done on crossfire

Somehow I have a feeling this is very serious.... very very serious.
you hate people today?
No, I just find it stupid to call it a serious coding project when obviously it isn't.
hey if you don't care the fact won't change also. just take a look around... it's cf...
- serious project
- 200-300 euros - negotiable, like I said. a lot depends on how time consuming it would be.
- couple of weeks - like I said, dont know how long it will take. guess its also up to the coder aswell
- recruiting is done on crossfire - lots of computer heros here, no? someone also might know someone and so forth. its not the only place where im looking for. not to mention the chance to find someone I know which would make working together easier.

now really, gtfo of my serious thread.
what exactly do you want to automate
Serious projects in coding are usually around 100 euros per hour, excluding tax.

I can understand you want something coded and that you are using crossfire to try to get someone to do it for you for the price of 200/300, but for the love of fucking ANYthing, do not call it a "serious project".

200-300 for a couple of weeks is not a serious project, that's a project that you usually get your little nephew to do for you cuz "he's quite handy with computers".

You really should not've touched that much weed in your life. :P
well sorry for not following coder business and knowing how much they make. I edited, but still, it all depends on how much time it would take and so on.
hah. 100 / hour? do you have any idea how much money that would be in a month? let's say you work 5 hours every work day, meaning 100 hours. you'd get 10 000 € for the project.

I think serious qualifies as paying the coder more than 100€ for the job and the thing you described is as if you were programming photoshop or something. That's not just serious, that's professional.
If one of the clients of the company I work at wants to hire a developer for a project, they pay 105 euro's per hour, excluding tax. So yes, for a project of say two weeks coding the client would pay 8400 euro's excluding tax.

100 is a very normal price for a coder in the IT business. About 70 to 80 euro per hour is freelance prices.

Inflation is a bitch isn't it.

Oh and yes, you make about 10.000 a month as a freelance coder.
serious project is serious
serious project is serious
serious project on serious website
dunz is ready
do i get half of the money, if i should fail?
dont get it, what exactly should the programm deliver?
RainerStoff np!
u want to infect every ET player with a backdoro to check if they hack !
-ability to control desktop (performing tasks such as moving, clicking, typing)

i can do that !
200/300€ for a couple of weeks on a serious project is a little low, don't you think?
In any way good luck and I hope you find someone to do it for you!
a little? more in the sense of that it's so little it's not even worth waking up for.
I was trying to come over friendly :P
Most companies pay 15000 € for 20 mandays of 8 hours each.
But there's always a chance some decem fanboy wants to do him a favour ;)
well I really dont know how much time it would take so I would need to discuss it with someone before saying how much I would pay for it.
I don't know either, but what exactly do you want to do with it? Is it something like a monitor system? Or an easy way to access multiple PC's to install stuff or something?
operating a progam as automated selling and buying bot
Decem and being serious? you have got to be joking.
i got sick visual basic skills hire me :PPPPPPPPPP
200-600 euros

even the polish are laughing at me, gee how expensive can it be.
made me smile :)
ask pansemuckl
Make it a grand & ill spend a week with it. You like whats happening so far, you pay another grand for another week, and so forth until project is finished.
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