#intense-eSports Recruitin


Hi everyone, since a week or 2 im the new head manager of #intense-eSports , you probably know them, or not. Well at least im already doing some nice things for them and found like 5 new sponsors in 2 days which we will announce after the new year.

For this topic its about Recruiting.
This is for the ET squad we have. You probably know most of them and probably think they are cheaters but every admin that spect us and every demo we have we still cant find any proof so don’t whine about that:>

We are searching Dutch/Belgium(which we can understand) players which are active and pretty skilled. Some nice ex-clans will be nice to see, however this isn’t a privilege.
You don’t need to be a whiner or a clanhopper. We are currently in the 3on3 Opencup 2nd division and won all matches and we are off to the playoffs, unfortunately we had to leave 6on6 Opencup because every night only like 3 players could play after 10, that’s why we are recruiting.
Our line up consist out of
rsQ (?)
So if you want a trial just pm Efax or Perfo and then it will be alright.
Just come to #intense-eSports and pm them. Hope to see you in battle soon!

Greetz Koen

/offtopic: start flame now…
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