120 Hertz LCD Monitor

Anyone have one? Good, Bad, Mixed?
Fuck, you are alive :o
if you were on fucking vent you would know!
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got the samsung myself and its megasmooth didn't do any extensive testing on it, theres 0 input delay on the viewsonic so i guess it has a slight edge!
prices will probably come down a bit in the new year if other manufacturers play catch up
Waiting for this.
Is 120hz lcd better than 120hz crt - monitor?
I have one, its nice
I've had mine (Samsung 2233RZ) for about 2 months now, it's awesome!
Viewsonic vx2268wm should be the best one
It's nice, a lot better than an ordinary 60-75Hz one, but still not a match for crt
120 Hz LCD = 120 Hz CRT

They used the Samsung 2233rz @ Dreamhack.
untrue, CRT refreshes whole screen => higher hz, "flashing" if its low
lcd refreshes in a line way => lower hz, but no flashing if its low

thats why there is no general advantage
actually I think you are wrong too, crt refreshes one line at a time, lcd refreshes each pixel individually when the information is changed
Got the 2233rz and straight away ran into problems using ATI 4850 cards,as ATI cards dont have 120hz support yet,tried with a 4870x2 and did some work around with atitools and the 2d speed settings and got it working.Would highly recoommend this screen and playing Et @120hz.
If you have nvidia cards it will work @ 120hz without any hassle.
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