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After a long discussion about what can make ET better a lot of PM's and message replies later it is apparently new maps. The community has spoken and wants maps so I guess this message is towards the mappers of this community. There is a small mapping community over at Splash damage's website, if we get them to work on something alongside I'm sure it will be a possible solution to bring some people back to ET and get new players.

There was recently a 2 new maps made for ET which actually was a success, the other 1 is still to be finished (I think).

After some discussion with a few people I decided to post this on behalf of me and them.

So would the community express their views on new maps.

Here is what I would like you to add to your post

Objective type:
Truck escort
other objective that you can think of.


Location:(real location) or NOT

Things to be in the map:
Objects like rockets, cars etc...
Team focus:

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Want to have a little test at things?

GTK Radiant 1.5

Little tutorials

A community driven map I guess will be more successful.

Please contribute, this is not a post to change ET but to expand it. Perhaps the mappers will respond :).
Real Location: MALTA

We were in WW2 unlike some countries that have ET Maps LoL
:), what is weather like? Have you got any pictures of war time? etc...
image: Book_MaltaAtWar_4_photo_6x4_jpg

image: opxfidisa4

image: 123

image: 14

image: 72

whether is mediterranean, it's something between Israel and Italy.
Nice:), if you could collect as many picture possible and .zip them and place here that would help SO SO MUCH.

Thanks for helping.
will do that tomorrow an .zip them for ya. anything specific you need, like of one place only? or lots of places in malta during ww2
Any pics will do, aslong as it's Malta and ww2:).
gd gd :P

you know that United Kingdom were controlling Malta during WW2 right? we survived \o/
Lol, no I didn't know that :D, and thanks for .zipping them. I'll check back tomorrow for them.

What objective type would you like?
only good thing malta had during WW2 was it's dockyards for the ships afaik, so the objective should have something to do about it, maybe land in malta near those ships, destroy a main entrance, get "gold or key or secret plan to build a ship? :D" secure it into a truck, escort the truck all the way back to the landing zone near the ships and escape on the ships again (can't escape with a truck in malta cos it's an island :D)
Never seen transformers? the truck should become a boat when it reaches the water, and he's called bubblebee ,duh.
Let's start playing venice, North Pole, let's return to b4, dubrovnik and base. Would be a great fun :)
People will not return to old maps I'm afraid. If there is enough people wanting old maps can be revisited and changed. For example is Railgun, was a nice map, never played with ETPRO AFIAK. Few changes, objective changes, textures, you got nice map, very nice map. Simple to do and would take month tops.
The problem nowadays is that players, who participate in serious events, are curious about only the pocals and achievements, everything they play for, is a win. Of course, there is nothing strange with it, but I miss a FUN, simple, clear FUN, which perhaps is the greatest thing in ET anyway. I would love to come back to the times,when I was even lower than I am atm :)
Yeah I miss being low lol, my horrible wireless mouse and keyboard :D. The only map I remember playing in my first games was Radar and Railgun, just remember so much fun, and it has so much potential. I just didn't like the view distance.
yeh i love b4 ,

- b4
- reactor
- base
- dubvornick

what ever happened to them...
Quote- dubvornick


lol it was late and i couldnt see my keyboard
How dare you!

Dubrovnickers is not good lol. Hide and Seek it's good :D. IMO anyways :).
base - no
dubro - yes
reactor - yes
b4 - hmmm, not sure :D
i can see dubro and b4 being more suited to the 5on5 format so they might make a return

btw have u sound a team for cic7 yet? :p
Obj type:
do like the old tactical ops game, that u go to a sort of computer [can be pages in here cuz its ww2] and load info for couple of seconds then you win [or get it somewhere after], but needs some obstacles before like blowing some doors and stuff.

day time is preferred.

maybe a new place? like france/japan? isnt rly importent :)

focus on:
*not too much exploiting the map [side/tj and stuff]
*smooth going objective
*map size [not too large/small]
-A multiple obj system like the most stagemaps but i prefer blowing obj with dyna
-5o5/6o6 although 6o6 is much better imo
Lol, what happened to xeoxis map competition? This is why ET will never progress if people dont stick to their ideas
the battle of the bulge
idd, still remembers the days when we had computer class and all the boys played it on LAN.
acutally its the main reason why i play on the computer, thats what got me addicted.
such a good game! :D
why is there a "?" behind "europe" even though this was the only of those places where there actually was fighting in WWII?
Because it could be made up place???
either ur some kinda of nigger talking some kind of slang or ur english is too bad to be understood.

and yeah i think i got ur point but still why is the "?" behind eruope (not made up) while there has never been war on american territory and "only" bombs on UK and insta-roll in PL? why question the only real location?
Extensive forest
Docrun ( always the most intense )

Like, a fortress surrounded by a forest on one side and a road on the other side
create a cave system ( allied command post behind the forest ) so the fortress can be attacked both ways
docs have to be secured through the road way to there can't be any hiding in the forest ( except when they go the whole way around through the cave )

I just think 1v1 or big chaos battles in a forest with lots of trees could be potentially awesome
firts 2 stages with construction or dynamite, end with obj run. Bit like radar and gr. No snow, I personally prefer daylight maps with either sand, green or stone (like gr, no briks) textures.

Always atleast 3 (or 2 if really necessary) routes to attack, not too close together but not too far apart either.
i say bring back frost_comp_b2 or whatever it was, i fuckin loved that map :D
power amulet gives you +6 str
A schoolyard would be great, had this idea some time ago with some friends to make a map from our old school. Would be double objective (capture the flag alike, but then steal objective & bring home for both camps, 2 big buildings, 2 side entrances in each, a street in the middle, maybe a cellar too, quick gameplay, almost no airty's since you are in buildings etc.. :D

E: bring old oasis back! Most of the newschoolers didn't have the pleasure of playing that map in competition!
nice, gl
All of the example pics are exact opposite of what the players really want.

1st - fucking flat piece of shit
2nd - no one wants to get killed from straight above, also it's fucking annoying to shoot down there.
3rd - well ok this is almost acceptable but probably would have very shit fps
4th - millions of little things in walls that you get stuck at
dunno what's the name of the third map, but I remember it from the match where cZar played versus Defining Stars which resulted in the second team not qualifying for some competition hosted by Crossfire : p the shout-cast was awesome also : )
Jesus calm down, then you design a map or show 1.
If only mappers who have ever done anything could judge what maps we played, we would be playing mlb maps in 3on3 ladder.
i can design maps in photoshop for layouts, etc.
i can also decompile .map files into .bsp files, so if any of u need a map pmme
i would love to see the rtcw maps: te_escape2 & mp_garage in ET tbh ! - i can giv any1 the .map file if they wanna convert it to be compatible with et =)
i'd prefer if u used one of the rtcw maps i stated tbh :)
already built and just need to be converted ..
Convert then post man :), post the .map and .bsp files:). That will help a great deal:D Q3map ftw.
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