Headset (hd595?) gaming

hey guys,

i can get a hd595 for a cheap price.

what did u think about this headset, is it for gaming?

if not, wich one is for gaming?

did u think an headset is better than the senheiser pc350 (for gaming)?

sry for my good engrish :D
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yes it is better
first of all, hd595 is not headset, its headphones (no mic), pc350 is with microphone. But hd595 has better sound performance (in general, movies, music etc), i would go definately for hd595
hd 555 is really good for its price, costs half of pc350 and sound is at least the same
dunno if u should get hd595 if im not mistaking by modding hd555 u can make them sound exactly like hd595 just remove some foam inside
not surprised by tricks like that from manufacturers D:
for that price i would rather keep my hands of those headphones, u never know what u can do wrong...
PC350 rulezzzz
i wouldnt get the hd595 just for gaming

and wich one would u get just for gaming and one or twoo movie time to time and some music...
I have HD 555 and I've tried PC 350 at a LAN...

HD 555/595 are open headphones and they let all the ambient noise in and all the game sounds out, so anybody near you can listen to what you are listening. I've used my HD 555´s at several LANs and sometimes the loud LAN noises are distracting from the game.
Last LAN I used PC 350 and it is a "closed" design - it has great noise isolation. For gaming, it was MUCH better but for music and general use, it was not as good as HD 555.

In conclusion...
If you want to game in silence at your home, get the HD 555/595.
If you want to game at a noisy LAN, PC 350 is hard to beat.
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