Information about ET-Tool v1.0 BETA


+ V1.0 Beta will be released shortly, I don't know a date yet.
+ Brining new players to the game
+ Attracting Jaymod,NQ players
+ Help get wars - Semi working
+ Keep connected with friends! - Working
+ IRC integrated! - Working
+ PunkBuster helper! - not yet
+ Live feed from this site. - Working
+ Built in .mp3 player with playlists! - Working
+ Web browser for quick viewing! - Not yet
+ Hardware detection, linking you to driver updates! - Semi working
+ Server browser which lists the servers I have placed on it. Can also be used to query other servers. - Works, not final
+ Connect to passworded servers from the application - Works
+ File checks of ET folder and important files, if don't exist it will link for download - Not yet
+ ET handbook - not yet
+ Everything for ET in 1 - not yet
+ Will connect to server if they provide connect IP; password pass by clicking it. - not yet

This is my aim to be completed soon! I'm around 40% completed with everything working so far! I started 13/12/09 - finished ?/?/????

Little pictures

Server browser with small list - This will be full of all the ETPRO servers once I can be bothered to import them into a .1337 or .cum file :D. Buttons, layout and colour theme will change.
image: srbvvv

Update to hardware detection
image: sys

Buddy chat/clan chat/player chat
image: chattb

Temporary war finder
image: 4324234234234

Small MP3 player, not hooking yet

image: playlisto

Suggestions on FEATURES please.
What we need is a gather bot in irc or somth. Ppl can go there and sign up for free games, when game is about to start they shuffle teams and just play for fun
I have no knowledge with IRC tbh, but sounds like a great idea! Perhaps start a topic because I'm sure IRC scriptors will know.
That idea died already.
Works well in cs
it allready died 3-4 times ^^
yeah if some proper guy would host it so it doesnt dies after a week it'd be a great improvement to find wars^^
Make ESL gather more active!
tried. community failed
esl just has stupid system... (gathers)
thats a valuable argument indeed. Except the need to hit ready there is nothing different than in any other gather service
/j and ull see how gather works :p
u have to refresh the site all the time ?
no. Its java... you dont
sounds promising!
bring back gather like
et is alive lolllol
look at the sign ups and its saturday
e: there were almost 32
Great idea creating a thread, posting absolutely no info about this tool and still requesting feature suggestions... keep up the good work.
modding et, creating new maps, coding mysterious tools...any other ideas? :)

e: could be handy, let´s see what it becomes
Updates applied
i hope that some1 uses this and gets kicked for disallowed program or something :DDDDD
Doesn't hook or anything so it's all good.
Its okey, nice to see some good moves on the ET scene.
wow, you def. have to work on GUI :< This is just super ugly and not really straight forward.

The GUI is also the stuff which keeps my demo decoder from being released:

Also, i dont really understand the relevance in this project...
Ofcourse I need to work on the GUI, I'm not a designer tbh, and this project is to give something to new players or other mod players to come to etpro since nearly all servers with etpro are either empty or just don't exist.

A tool with all in one, this tool will also be downloaded, when it is run it will install ET into C:/ET with up to date PB and check to make sure everything is running fine, if not load pb services, reconfiguer configs, checks driver versions etc... Just something that pissed many people off about ET especially me! Also file checks files for people who get constant errors with ET.

Meh, I'm no VB programmer so...

Find a war within seconds, auto messages, private messages, music without need for other applications and p2p chat application might be udp soon for teams who want to chat using text. No hooking or overlaying ET since pb will kick.
wie du alles schlechtredest an dem du NICHT beteiligt bist. du bist der tollste
What about ETPub players? Will it attract them too?
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