darkrider busted @ h4xX

What a night, what a day for the Enemy Territory community, darkrider getting busted for using an aimbot, a wallhack and anything else! It truly is unbelievable that some players keep on cheating even after the >9000th time they got busted -.-

His banned crossfire account: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=20454
His banned clanbase account: http://clanbase.ggl.com/humaninfo.php?hid=3146979

And now comes the evidence, ladies and gentleman, I proudly present vib's tutorial on how to not set your aimbot:


stream will be added in some minutes : s

Quote by Wakizashiuk i know you got a wallhack from the pbss

Quote by Wakizashiuk you can't skillboost as fast as you have

Quote by Skydeh hacker

Quote by h3lix cheating kid

Quote by Wakizashiuk nyke and shizzle said you were hacking on cyber

Quote by Wakizashiuk i can't wait for your avi

Quote by <one4one^Lav0d> omg darkrider, the feared legend

Quote by <kartez> cu @ cf

image: cup_gold best 14 year old etplayer 0.o
best 14 year old et player, CANT YOU GET IT
hes also been hacking under my nick, in offi's too. Just so you know!
I would never believe it if u get busted chris np
It's ok Chris. There's no need to by coy about it. We all know it was you really :p

i am best 14 year old
or i was
thats how you SHOULD set your aimbot
he don't =D
thats the point :D
he actually typed yesterday wrong aswell :D
he dont think?!
Quote CLEAN ?
bah wasn't that funny imo : s
yes it was couldn't stop laugh as i saw his profil :P
thats just natural tracking tbh

i do it whole the time
QuoteCity west midlands

what a lowcunt
also nice clan fakes (like team uk @ rtcw for example, been baggin but couldnt get in so posted a fake lineup)

busted on rtcw for wh
kiddy and whiner who thought he was any good.
it's obvious that he started to cheat if he really became good all of a sudden.
downloaded, still waiting for the obvious part
haha shit player,
i was speccing him @ n e x u s server, so i tell to admin that hes cheating, and one of his family is an admin on the serv, he kicked me like a mongol -_-

He wasn't cheating then you tool. You even accuse me of cheating and I'm shit.
i only said darkrider is cheating, and nize ( or smth like that) is obvious on the server.

i only know you suck and you protect coz darkrider is in your family ( i can understand this ) but you was like, NO ITS IMPOSSIBLE, HES JUST GOOD.

now you know, you just FAILED.
:D we owned them there with ama!
no we got owned with 5-1 xd
o :$ can't even remember, i just know im JEKENTMENIET :$
soosi got botted
He was the most obvious case of oh hai i just bought a bot ever
lmao best 14 year old player :D When i was his age i was double better then him :D
happens all the time :D
if you remember that guy some weeks ago getting angry about some hacker on cybergames and uploading screenies with his wh in it :DD
he calls others fucking hackers but he s one as well
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