MW2 Players

sup guys?

guess few guys will flame bout the game, even when noone of them played it :D

anyway, im looking for some guys to play with :>

18+ ger preferd!

pmme or /q mase` @ #\o/
it is nice game<3 but get back to your team global etpub serv ^.^
btw i played there 3 y ago ^^
paranoid and me decided to give up tG# bout 1-2 years ago...2 less players on the servers :<
was the best time i ever had in et :< btw, who are u? :D
nah it was nice etpub serv and i met there some nice guys like arvhkk(?) motylek laqu ^^

my nick name was this same like already but sometimes mr.walc ^^
ye i loved it 2 :) well im not sure, but i think i can remember that name :D
clan name was [LOA]* or something like that ^^
ye i think i can remember bout you :>
i can play with u mate :) best game ever :)
nah, u need to roll @ ql!
my ISP bans for hosting servers. no thanks.
What about making ur nat strict. You cant host if ur nat is strict afaik
Selling mw2 steam - cash only
Not german but add meh in steam: Vuistt
Always in for a play
shit game is shit sry gl
shit game is shit sry gl
take me :D
omg schmalz dann wäre er ziemlich dumm :D wenn er dich nimmt
babe das topic ist ziemlich alt, u know?
na und?! musste halt auch meinen senf dazu geben so wie andere kinder hier :D
thx 4 the info. bibuy
shit game is shit sry gl
im not playing it, but i clicked on this thread
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