Compare it to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Looks so damn good actually, amazing how much work they've put into it without all the media hype! Defo worth a buy!!
looks good so what, every game does nowadays
ooo call of duty 7 is out i see
bottom looks better :D :|
Call of Duty 7: Medal of Honor
seems like a fine way to kill an hour or two of single player. too bad it probably only include the slow movement, low jump height and one headshot kill features of realism and not dismemberment or any other cool gore stuff.
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault look awesome
FAIL 2010.
ye mohaa was ryly good I think maybe if I was a nerd I might just play this new game..
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault look awesome
looks cool. Need a better pc for this :(
modern warfare 3 kk no thx
Looks nice btw, but i still play ET :)
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