PC for 450 - 600 euros (gamer)

hey guys,
can u give me some tips to make my own pc.
i have a budget of 450 to 600 euros (maybe 625).

EDIT : I got a monitor already
thx in advance.

just look there for parts etc, bought a pc of 600 euros and can play any game at decent quality
when u only wanna play et then u can take 50€ and u will get a good computer... otherwise get more money.
Go AMD Phenom if thats your budget,

image: 700AMD

Intel :

image: 700Intel

They are tiny bit out of your budget, but run all modern games with ease! btw i didnt make them guy on OcUK did.
im pretty sure he meant euros not British pounds
sherlock! They are almost the same now a days. Like i said it was an example of components
775 as the cheapest is way out of budget
Like i said it was an example of components
£54.99 = €63.89
I am aware of the exchange rate
Quotei have a budget of 450 to 600 euros (maybe 625).

AMD 687£ = 775€
i5 708£ = 800€

no offense though ;)
They were meant as examples but no one got that :D
I got it, I just didn't reply:)
that AMD looks quite nice, for its price
Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz box
ASRock P55 Pro
Samsung 500GB SATA-II 7200 rpm 16MB SpinPoint F3
KingMax FBGA Mars 2GB DDR3 1600MHz CL7
MSI Radeon HD5770 1GB DDR5 128-bit
RAIDMAX Aura light green
Sirtec HPC-400-H12S

image: fbga-mars-2gb-ddr3-1600mhz-cl7-0bf7d82c58b3bf1abedbd7c302992cad

try to get memory with ( radiator ? ):>
heatsink, a heatsink on your ram won't make any difference unless your overclocking.
how much does it cost?
550 euro here
and this motherboard allow sli and does it allow more than 2gb of ram?à
Ofc it does. This isn't year 1995.
hmm,i know that only the xtreme (asrock p55 extreme) version supports sli, and cost 50 more ( u need to look on their site for more info)
yes,it allows more than 2 gb (4x Dual Channel DDR3 (2600 O.C./2133 O.C./1866 O.C./1600/1333/1066 MHz))
its to expensive :/ i have maximum 620 euros... :/
can u do a screen with new hardware pls?
Do you have an OS already?
yes, i got an os already
620 euro :p c'est un 1/4 de l a valeur de mon pc :p
ta mere et un 1/4 de la valeur de mon pc
tg fdp t pa marrant boulet
Je vais baiser ta mère la pute
tu viendras mle dire en face a enschede ok?
mais oui bien sûr <3
get dualcore with high frequency,64bit sys, 500gb ram,nvidia gtx XXX, and a good motherboard.4gb of ram is cool, 2x2gb is best=>dualchannel
600 euro for a pc + monitor is not enough
save some more, for 1200 euro you have an i7 topsystem with 23inch fhd monitor and top gfx
not everybody needs the best computer available on the market
i got a monitor already
q9550 + random shit like i have, pwns :P
i never do half work!
gl Nicolah! I'd suggest you should think about what you're willing to do with the computer first. Is it just for playing old and/or new games? Are you going to buy the parts separately or do you want a completely new PC inc. the chassi?

To save some euros:
You can skip buying a new hard drive and probably use your old one instead (same could probably go for your RAM, depending on how fast you want your PC to be).
thx, i can't safe smth from my old pc cauze i'll sell it...
and its for playing new and old game...
+1 @ 1st config from etnies

just search for the parts in your shop
they should be a bit cheaper than in uk
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