Need help with headset choice..

As the topic says, i need some regards for a new headset because mine is going to fuck up...
It has to be a USB headset and only one cable which has 2 meter or more!

Also let the flame begin!
get the cheapest usb headset from a decent brand, like creative or something.. i had many expensive headsets and they all broke after 5/6months, whats the difference? while you listen to music, not to play a game with
I destroyed 3 cheap headsets in 1 1/2 months... The headset i now have, which is going to break down D:, i have for a half year.
thats why i have wireless headset
Sennheiser PC 165 USB
Definitely worth the price.

[EDIT]: Oh, there's a successor which is cheaper, surprisingly: Sennheiser PC 166 USB
Speedlink Medusa NX

Nice and comfort and 3 meter cable
fyi, usb headsets are actually "usb" just because of some external usb soundcard (icemat/steelseries style) or they are with some 3.5jack -> usb convertor (sennheiser style). So, there wont be any solid one pieced cable.
My suggestion is to get some normal headset (no usb versions), get some cheap but good sound card (Creative SoundBlaster 5.1/Audigy) and profit!
So when u buy a steelseries headset there is a usb converter not a pci soundcard with?? (German Link :s)
i dont rly get where u got info that there should be pci soundcard...
so, no u will get only some external soundcard which has input for mic and output for headphones, basicly its just superior converter...
k, also.. summary:
This headset has 2 3,5 stereo jacks and in this box there is a converter which combines these 2 3,5 stereo jacks in one USB and this USB I connect with my PC.
Is this right?
Yes or No?
in box is:
- headphones with 1m long cable with 2m long extension cable (stereo 3.5 jack)
- external microphone (detached) +/- 3m long cable (one piece, mono 3.5 jack)
- usb soundcard, on one side are inputs for headphones and mic and on the other side is usb connector which u put into usb port in ur pc, its kinda more than just a simple convertor but serves to same purpose
- there also should be convertor 3.5 > 6.3
i have icemat siberia (1st edition, but there are not many differences) at home, only without that soundcard, which is just useless. Its gr8 headset
is there any diffrence in soundblaster 5.1 and audigy?
well, yes, audigy is a bit better and also a bit more expensive :)
sennheiser pc 161
steelseries siberia white/red or black, got the white ones prety awsome.
Ok thanks i took SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-size USB Headset...
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