ETUI 1.6 final

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Here it is, the very last version of Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer.

Changelog since 1.6 beta :
* Added TJMod 1.6.3
* Updated NoQuarter to v1.2.7, added the latest ETPub nighlty build (20090912)
* Updated PB to v2.213
* Small update to Omni-bot (
* Added an option to choose wether to install PB or not
* Added an option to choose wether to install custom maps or not
* Added map missile_b3
* CFG:
o Now the default source for the ingame browser is Online and not Local
o Changed dead links
o Added an option to make the binds the ones that come by default with ET
* Bug fix: required size displayed by the installer was wrong
* Bug fix: start menu shortcuts were not removed correctly under Vista/7
* Minor changes

And from 1.5 to 1.6 beta :
* Removed autoexec.cfg. Ingame changes should now be saved
* Maps:
o Removed HoG_b12_dt, sottevast_b3, sw_oasis_b3, wolken1_final
o sp_delivery_te replaces sp_delivery2
o Added sw_battery
* Modified cfg (more default binds, following latest CB restrictions)
* Updated NoQuarter to v1.2.3
* Updated PB to v2.153
* Added Omni-Bot 0.71
* Added start menu shortcuts to launch particular mods (launch a 6o6 match against bots for example)
* Modified installer (screenshots for the choice of cfg for example)
* Automated widescreen detection and adapting FOV for 16/9 & 16/10 resolutions
* Bug fix: some nicknames entered during install generated invalid nicknames in the cfg file
* Bug fix: ETPro installed even if not selected

Using Bittorrent

Feel free to add mirrors!

Since I don't want to release any new version after this one, I decided to release the source of the installer so that anyone can make his own version.

Link to the official website