2 more yermanz

hm, like something over a weak ago I posted already about that we make a new german squad under the flag of Venerea clan... Back then we were 3, now we are 5 people:

Germany Scion
Germany Sidious
Germany WSK
Germany fertig90
Germany +Kai--

As u may have noticed 5 aren't 6, so we still need like 2-3 guys to get a working squad.

This is what we expect:

med/+ skilled
able to speak german
using ts
should be avi from sun-thu from 19/20 to 22.30 (yea we have rl too)
we are all over 18, so no kiddies plz
a fops would be nice, engies and riflers we have enough already

Server, homepage ( www.venerea.net ) and that kind of stuff already exists.

for more info u can hit on Sidious or wsk or scion in #venerea.ger
GL kai <3
go kai :D
why did this post land in rtcw forum? lal
skilled guys gl
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