reVeal need backup

Europe is in need of an active backup player (avi mo,we,su 20cet). Especially in the time of 22nd to 30th January.

We play in the ESL 5on5 Ladder and the CIEC (seeding cup for lan).

Be skilled and medic/engi smg.

query me in with all the infos I will want (skill class age exclans ...)


P.S. lineup is

Germany eiM
Germany draqii
Germany murDa
Netherlands h3r0!n
United Kingdom Smurftang
good luck :-*
awesome guys
good luck :>
good luck guys :)
gl smurftang !!
I can be backup at lan :XD
take me,
gl ,take me im avi :>
nice team, gl
eim draqii heroin <3
gl heroin, pwna!
gl guys :)
Good luck, nice to play against you.
gl shaaaane :D
I'm avi :)
good luck! :)
gl, nice lads :)
Be skilled and medic/engi smg.

Not as fops? oh wait ofc not because i'm always avi..
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