Icemat siberia or speedlink medusa

Looking for a new set after my old style medusas broke. Allways liked my medusas but are the siberias any better?

I know theres a similar topic a few threads down but thats full of posts about £80+ headsets, im looking at half that price. Would be nice to have a pair of those but it would also be nice to be able to pay my rent and eat.
steelsound 5h v2

who needs to eat anyway :(
"perfoheisers imo" ehhehehehhe
Your Love Island is gone :<
just take sennheiser pc150 (or higher) it is as if you play with wh :D
the steelsound 5h v2 looks the business. Only an extra £10 more than the siberia.

Cheapest I can find it is £50 deliverd. Is it cheaper anywhere else?
speedlink 4 sho here!
siberia or medusa xD who you like most ?
Buy the icemat, got it too and it is good.. but buy it with the USB converter (or something). Otherwise u might get problems with hardware.
Siberia is using Icemat Siberia! ROFL!
=') Had this name before i bought the headset.
Lies, but its good headset! cos i have it too
Jep, but i don't lie though. :D
Speedlink sucks.
I was going to go for the steelpad steelsound 5h v2 until i read plenty of reviews for the Sennheiser HD 555, the got frag review of it swung it for me. I watch more tv series (24 season 6 - best one yet!) and films than I play et nowadays anyway.
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