sAvage @ CiC7

I am looking for a good team for CiC7, as it'll cost me a small "fortune" I am only looking for a really skilled team going (that means players that has actually been to a LAN and performed well before).

I haven't been active that much lately but I got time enough to improve myself.

I am only going to reply to serious offers.


Can pay for myself. :)
gl and take AlexL with you
gl m8 ;)
gl and take AlexL with you
lets smoke some ganja again m8:PPpPpPPP
humm3l &co?
good luck, nice guy! :) hope you find smth :))
Gl Johan, hope to see you there again!
"Can pay for myself. :)", kthxbye.
better help alexL to break out of the prison
gl du sjävla fitta :-)
good one x-D
ask Highbot
GL Savage <3
gl johan! JOHAN
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