CoD1 3x3 SD HostedCup on CB

We decided to make this one to keep the vCoD community active and don't let the gamers being lazy between the OpenCups.
Our main point is to check some maps which in the future may be added to the ladders if they are popular. Our another opinion is that players should play another maps aswell, not only harbor,carentan and dawnville. If you check the ladders, you will see that really clear: 90% of the matches have been played on those maps, while there are lot of another nice maps.

Learning from the last Cup, the signup period will be shorter to avoid "noshow-clans".
There were some problems with UAC2, so in this Cup if both team agree about playing without UAC2, then it will be possible.

As it's just about 10minutes ago that this page is alieve, there are no rules yet, but we will discuss them soon, and let you know about them.

Ofcourse we need referees and writers, but experience and activity is really important.

We hope that we will be able to create 3 Leagues with 4-4 Groups with 3/4 clans per group.

I guess you find it strange that this is a 3x3 cup, while 5x5 is more popular. The reason is simply: getting 3 players is more easier then getting 5, so it will decrease the ammount of noshows.

For questions/suggestions feel free to contact us via e-mail/cbpm or use the cup-forum.
need key /q mini
or make it cod2
make it css
make it Cod4!
make it wOw
I'll play, anyone else want to? /q Arcade @ #skk!
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