Mouse Rate + Windows 7

Hello !

I am currently using a mx518 and want to have 500 hz.
I've used the instructions in the file below:

The first time i got it working without problems, Win 7 was running in test mode + had my 500 hz.
After rebooting a few times i noticed it was back to default ( 125 hz ) again and couldn't get it back to 500 hz anymore even after following the instructions from the beginning again.

I was wondering if anyone was able to get this working and would like to explain me how u did it.

- I'm not using any mouse drivers
- Windows 7 ultimate

Thanks in advance!
Country: ES

: o )
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leave it in testmode

u can delete the watermark by following the instructions in the guid posted above
install mouse drivers?
You can't change your hz in the mx518 drivers unfortunately + plug & pown !
Thanks, got it working again don't know for how long but i'll find out soon enough !
I think my problem was that setup.exe did not run as administrator, after messing with that it worked after a reboot.
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