Fraggle looking for team

After mercing and mixing a lot last weeks to get on a kinda "decent" level again I'm now looking for a serious team to play with.

I'm avi from sunday to thursday most likely every night from 18.00 to 23.00 (CET).

I'm honest enough to tell you that my aim isnt the greatest and you won't see me having highest damage a lot. Thats why I always focus on the teamplay and the objective. (At the end it's all about the objective isn't?)

In the other way, based on others opinionsm I think I can play very good in a reviving medic role and my comms are very good aswell. Also engi smg shouldn't be any problem.

Mixing all different points up to one and watching my performance last weeks I think I'm able to compete against med/+ especially when I'm playing in a team where everyone is used to play with eachother and have tactics etc. (Thats why I don't prefer new projects) I think I can grow skillwise very fast when I'm in a stable team.

I may be overrating myself now, don't know exactly but you'll find out soon enough when you give me a try-out period =)

At the other days when we don't prac I'm also avi to play in a 3on3 team or something. Or playing mixes, whatever.

You can contact me in #system6 or pm me here.

You can find all the additional info in my profile.

tl;but i read ( I promise!)
its all about the smoke at the end of the map...

but gl anyway
gl obj hunter ;)
je draait

gl duitser :)
goodluck owner
GL matti!!! <3

jij blijft tog ook bij ons he ;p!
morge krijg je de stuff erover!! maar zonder prac shit etc!

dus GL !!
ja zeker man! relax team zo of niet dann <3 Ik hoor het wel ;)

thanks in ieder geval!
gl dude

best medic ever, always on your ass ready to revive.
thanks mate

was waiting for your comment somewhere :D
haha:D glad you still remember me.
how are you doing? expected you in team Poland lineup but.. :< Still playing ET active ?
hah thanks but dont think they even considered me in that case. Not that active, sometimes at pub, got a new gf, everything s fine:) and how 'bout you?:)
ah a new girlfriend! nice hehe. How old is she ?

I'm fine too.. have been kinda busy last 2 weeks due to exams but they're over :D
17:) quite hot and rly nice personality. Winter holidays here. hope you will find a good clan.
gl, well done putting effort into you're search
Best player ever.
goodluck fraggleboy, nice guy :)
jij bent ook wel eens aardiger geweest!
maar je gaat me tog niet vertellen dat je van 6 tot 11 gamed:PPpP

gl tho:p
Nee zeker niet :P Maar meestal duik ik na het eten achter de computer. Alle teams beginnen toch pas een uur of 8. Daarvoor een beetje msnen enzo je weet wel. Speel jij nog ET dan ?
ja joh! maar niet echt actief :p niet echt gemotiveerd om officials te spelen of om te praccen xd
gl babeeeeeeeeeeeeee
seems to be a rly cool dude =)

gl ;)
highest dmg is overrated, playing obj is most underrated

gl :o))
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