Coast feedback/bugreport

h3llo Anonymous Crossfire users,

after some requests I changed my mind and now plan to release a beta2 of my Coast map. Therefore I ask you to list all bugs you know/found in the beta1 and if possible add a screenshot. Any kind of a propose to improve the map is welcome.

Things that I intend to do already:
- seal 1st from 2nd stage to prevent jumping
- gate plantable to shorten the tankdrive
- add cave/upway to the tank road to keep a third way to access escape boat
- harden the jump at commandpost


regards & cg_flame 0

postponed since work on bremen
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survive played much games on Coast & Haemer, we might be able to play another match to test your new version :)
need feedback before that
Well tbh, everything is good there personal you should change the time from 20min to 15min!
Aswell what I disliked is the way to the obj, tbh there are to much walls, so if 1 rifle shoot comes all are dead. And some more things but can't remember which!
afaik the time is set by the config
/connect ; password cbmatch

if you wanna play coast_b1
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pw is wrong !!!
server was being used for a gamestv match so the pw changed
dragons would be nice & rather mek new v2_base
I know a bug how I can do the map in 1.11 or smth, you know this one?(:
get rid of the water sound
it sucks
re-do sw_oasis_te!
- Water sounds, way too loud
- first stage, too much from 1 direction
- those 100 windows?
- ladder to balcony in a house? wat?
- first rush you can go to the sea, towards cp and take docs already?
- minespots are 1 joke, make them as in karsiah or don't do them at all, if you want to get a tank defend as gr make it as the beach or smth( tho i won't make any sens to have a market around a tank... on the beach)
- lay out of the "tunnel" is kinda same story, or make it all a "earth" like texture like oasis/sd caves and remove mines in cave aswell.
- gate which can be blown by satchel is useless... will end up like the "cave" route: not getting used
- axis spawn is way to close to the tank...
- wierd upper side window, make a adlernest size one or non there...
- maybe a teamdoor near the first tank gate so axis have time to set up defence already? now they are stuck inside so allies can wait till they spawn, rape them and have free 30 seconds on the map :D (w/e spawntime is)

- tank needs to put it's loop inside the gate to blow it? and this tank needs even to aim for it?!:D
- tank is acting strange when it's about to shoot (like flying or smth?)
- what is this robot flying plane? if you test maps test the lay out etc, don't even think about such specials at this stage, same at your soldier/ammo w/e hut keep them out in such beta's add them when rest is fine. (extra's are extra's, not the issue in comp right?)
- germans couldn't decide how to build walls? so they did build those strange ones? or make it radar like or don't make walls like this at all...

- allied cp aint well placed, way too easy to defend... and just like first stage: cave/blow able gate won't be used...

- what is this gate from cp to axis spawn? it block the axis, so axis have 2 exits max. why would allied destroy it to help the axis getting out of spawn to rape the allied? :D and why no normal doors? breakable windows (so axis can get easier out of spawn to the CP defend stage etc...

-mg nest is kinda non well placed, and why sandbags on the side, and not on the most important side: the front where the enemy will come from?:)

- what are those 1000km long walls in sea where you cannot swim to? why did you make them instead of some 10m one which is a huge rock and ends the map there...

- huge boat :D

- you clipped so much stuff but forgot the cp building( the slide around it ?)
- inside tank blow able gate climb up ladder, watch to cp mapbug. texture bug around the huge ladder near sea)
- you use ladders where you should use stairs and stairs where you should use ladders
- stairs are way to straight up (it might be "realistic" but for gaming in this engine it's way bugged)
- the fences you use are wierd aswell, annoying to jump against/over w/e in 1st stage near market and last stage near the indoor stairs

- what is this wooden thingy? a huge mega hovercraft harbor? cos no boat would be able to get to there :D (not that it would matter for comp games but obviously you like to get things realistic as possible?:)

- server while i was testing was take over by gtv... for a match yay!

+ like the obj small room, size ok...
+ for the effort, you should get on paper why you make the map, goals etc. atm looks like you make a map and just hope it will be good.

#EDRAMA if you need more info's etc bibuy
thats quality
Ready to deliver?
dunno. Heavy list and dont approve everything :D but shows the result of the fast finishing progress. Didnt intend to finish this map but as it was nearly beta I gave it a shot within a week. Much to improve
wrong answer!
well show me your plans/goals of the map?! pm!
waiting for posts here first
no, you should have some already!
get better map for 5on5 thx bb

image: stupid_idiots_big
Then you do fucking better prick. Exactly no you wont, you give fuck all to ET and 5on5, now go fuck yourself. Twat.
oh please, you're defending a guy who made special delivery TE
the map is kinda confusing in a lot of ways as zak mentioned, seems like a fail to me , no offense of course :-)
no, it sucks :D
got a server with the map hosted?
Where's the acid water?

e: working on something myself too now :p
Share zeh details ^^ imo get someone to make some new high detailed textures for a new map. Will completely change the current ET feeling, which is a good thing, we need better quality.
Im not far enough to share some details. If I have some I will publish them but it might take a while since I started 3/4 days ago.

About the high graphic textures. If I'd have to change all regular ET textures with custom made then the map size would be huge because I would have to add all new textures to the pk3. And there's not really a point in using high quality textures because everyone uses low graphic cfg's anyway.
Dont listen to retards, this map is great and different. If supply was released this days it will be criticised as everything.

Suggestions: Tunnel way in first stage not needed. 3 ways is enough, you have main, side (next to water) and the satchel gate way.
Less windows in first stage, simplify buildings, no need for so many camping places.
Im not sure if that MG is a good idea.
Obj building again, too much walls, make it more simple.

Watch at failed maps like missile or SOS secret weapon and succesfull maps like adlernest or supply.

Simplicity and close combat.

First stage of this map is great, second too, obj part needs something changed in my opinion.
All successful maps have 2 main entrances and another side/optional entrance, for ever stage! hint hint!

Supply first stage: Cave, main & high ramp.
2nd stage: Main & Cave
3rd stage: Main east & west
no shit sherlock :D
fix the 2nd stage then! atm its not really dynamic, defending from up there is not rly a good option for axis, maybe make a door for axis through the wall or make it the building like supply 1st stage ":D" So ppl can defend from top and from bottom aswell

and i agree with a lot of stuff zak suggested :P

if you want i can set up a highskilled showmatch for you
a showmatch is only for advertising purposes. do people really think it helps to improve a map? :D
meh, organize a server with the map on it plz
point was that 2 top teams will showmatch it and give you feedback and suggestions

i think top teams have a good idea of what a good map is and what a bad map is, and how to improve it
rather let 2 teams play it 3-4 times than one showmatch for which they dont pracc the map anyway and thus hardly are able to give feedback (thats how showmatches usually go)
yeah obviously they will need tactics, else they can't give good feedback/suggestions. I think if we gather some teams like TAG, YYT, MM, P&P, nOu, Blight, Rockit etc and tell them to make some tactics and showmatch the match and later they can give feedback, maybe coast could be the map for cc7 since there are only 5 maps... almost everybody from top clans are whining so they should give feedback to this map in this way.
a) those teams will not care to do that. Atleast not all players and not at the time
b) coast wont be added to cic7 no matter what
c) that is et
so cic7 is gonna be 5 maps only? kinda of sucks imo without a 6th map. "Should any mapper take on the challenge Clown has laid down in his column and Bremen get a facelift it'll be considered as a 6th LAN only map (obviously depending upon its success)"

did you get the permission you(?) where going to request, or has anyone done smth, or its the usual et community with "u have to do this & this + this" and nobody does anything :P
scene needs first to decide to stay @ 5on5 or switch again back to 6on6 since maps like radar etc are shit to play 5o5.
its good.
could b bit smaller imo..
but atleast i didnt hate it
severip where you can test / have a look at the map would be nice, i am atm bored :p
gimme 30 mins cos atm im @ laptop, ill put coast on the server
/connect ; password cbmatch
screw u, i requested a server with the map on it several time :@
Remove Coast, and add Bremen
noone wants to play it :-/
Can't you focus on improving Bremen or Karsiah?
wanted to do bremen in the first place but United Kingdom Chris was faster than me, eventhough he dropped again and I am doing that now.
never played teh map ":D"
i wrote smth to eim, but i dont know if he read it :<
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