Oxy's on the look! :o

Oh Snap.

Since some certain dutchies found themselfs new friends (fuck you :'() and my swedish sexslave is busy elsewhere, I figured I may as well look around, see if there's any team in need for a backup. Personally I don't have much time and cba playing 24/7 with a bunch of morons. I've just recently started playing again, (2? maybe 3 days ago after a 7'ish month break) so... meeeh.

Anyhow, just looking for something casual.
ocy the best german player?
gl oxymoron
good luck
gl mate:)
good luck
ehehe, gl XP
gl oxy! bring crajsor back as well
good luck
Best of luck oxy <3
ego much?
gl m8 I'm looking too
good luck oxyyy :X
gl Oxy and greetings from muffsor :D
best of luck :'C
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