CIC7 Monday Sleeping

Might need a place to sleep on Monday night due to last-minute booking of flights leaving me with few options.

Floor is more than enough, I'm perfectly content with slumming it.

So if you happen to be staying in Enschede for an extra day (or have a home between Enschende & Amsterdam and are SUPER generous) I could really really really use the favor and there'd definitely be a couple of drinks in it for you.

pm or /q Meez

sleep in the bogs !
That's way beyond slumming it! :(
Sleep on tree :o
Go get drunk, slap somewone, get caught by the police, sleep in prison. You will even get free food and stuff that way
or go amsterdam piss against some trees and when the police tries to arrest you piss over them and get crazy :D
Simply tell people you are a tree, so they will take you into a mental hospital. You'll even get free oatmeal and a straitjacket to go allong with your stay :)
are you still staying in our room thursday fri sat?
what clan are you gonna play for?
I got a spare room at home, ~5/10 mins from Schiphol
We have like 3/4 beds left in our cabin
image: 61e1e_Coleman_sundome_tent

im a tent :DdddDDDDDDddD
I will let you sleep in my place @ Poland. Is it okay for ya?
hmm just go to the redlist district :b
hook up with some girl and spend the night at her place
get farm and sleep in straw near some nice pussys uhm cats.
undecided, i haven't even played the game since far before the beta was even public

with more time i'd have definitely played, atm dunno if it's worth praccing
well i have no idea how you are playing, but having seen a few other et-ql players any decent q3 player would win easily <.<
if i was still active with cpm i think picking up vq3 mechanics wouldn't be too much of a struggle but i've really been out of it

we will see. up for praccing if i decide to? :o)
yea sure, 'twister' on ql
who r u going with :O?
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