accelfix vs. cheesefix

I recently had to format my pc and install my windows again, therefor I lost my mousesettings etc.
I downloaded all the usual stuff (accelfix, mouserate changer), but after I tried accelfix.exe, AVG said it's a trojan. Even though I tell AVG to ignore this, the accelfix wont work at all. I know it's not a trojan for real since my Avast didn't complain about it (I switched to AVG since it uses less memory).

Now my question is, what stuff should I enable from cheesefix and what not? And is there an other way to disable windows mouseaccel the same way as accelfix does it? Or is there a way to get accelfix working even with AVG on? Thanks in advance.
disabling all the acceleration just dont work. /cl_mouseaccel 0.02 and should be fine. :)
In game mouseaccel to aim like a modern day raziel (0.01)
remove avg
problem solved
apply accelfix.ece in safe mod (f8 while windows start) coz there's windows file protection system since XP SP2 which wouldnt let you apply it in normal mode
and dont worry, that false alarm is because of the injection method used by utility

or use the cheese's mouse fix and launch the reg file matching your ingame display refresh rate
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