selling 5hv2

After getting Sennheisers HD595 my "old" headset became more than useless for me.

Product info
Its Steelseries 5h v2, version without usb adapter. Its packed in original package, in varanty till november 2010 (bought in november 2008 in Slovakia), I think I still have original advertisement material in box so it will be like getting completely new one :)
Headset was rly well treated (I always treat my stuff with respect...), the only sign of usage is on the microphone which is elastic, but besides that it looks as good as new.
Mic/headphones works well, havent had any kind of problem with them.

Original price was ~70e (dunno how much it costs right now, but i dont think that price has changed a lot since I bought mine), so i will sell it for like 20e less. My price is not final, deal can be made!

There is only one way (if u r from cz/sk then there can be also one more option) for me, I will give it to u personally on cic7, with possibility of testing it before buying it.

pmme me here on cf or /q nOu\filuS in #nOu @quakenet


There is a possibility to trade that headset for Colt 1911 Full-Metal Gas Blow Back 6mm Airsoft Gun ( Tercel version or Bell version, but Tercel is highly prefered)
I will never buy an SS 5h anymore, mine broke too many teams and i take care of it :(
Was it really the headsets fault?
I think it's your skills that break teams.
lol TIMES not teams
people from xfire will definetely buy it

the thing is that i am going to bring them with me to cic7, good as new, looks as new, and costs like 40% less, so why not...
from 70 to 50 euros, used etc
70/100 x 40 =28
so you should sell it for 42
QuoteMy price is not final, deal can be made!
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