replay problem

got a problem with my replays. once i went one a srver and now my et start screen changed into a jaymod bullshit screen with buttons to join their servers + play online and stuff but not the button mods so the prob is i can't watch my replays. does somebody knows where i can delete the config from the jaymod server i went once ?
delete unwanted .pk3 files in etmain/pro
that hfe is rejecting , cheap copy
Cant change name;(
gTfO then!
Quoteforcecvar sv_paks "-1886071931 1055182758 -2033274206 -843890895 1639799261 248858107 -688383975 374286664 -699467615 -1209248393 -1095230848 608521179 1581790464 -1721695896 2004278281 1065608214 1629350362 1658333717 -1238305459 2129924904 22823923 239043090 2042159590 1597697984 -1532251704 -288938336 -540298532"
forcecvar sv_pakNames "etpro/etpro-3_2_6 etmain/te_valhalla etmain/tc_base etmain/sw_goldrush_te etmain/sw_battery etmain/supplydepot2 etmain/supply etmain/sp_delivery_te etmain/sos_secret_weapon etmain/reactor_final etmain/pak2 etmain/pak1 etmain/pak0 etmain/mp_bin etmain/missile_b3 etmain/missile_b2 etmain/missile_b1 etmain/karsiah_te2 etmain/Haemar_a10 etmain/Frostbite etmain/et_ice etmain/et_beach etmain/eth32_st etmain/bremen_b2 etmain/braundorf_b4 etmain/adlernest"

put this in your cfg
whaz that ?
makes you only use the pk3's you actually need and not the useless ones that you download from pub
we dont have any problem:< only problem is that squall is in army!
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