Omega or Normal drivers?

What do you think? Should I just use the latest drivers from nvidia, or should I use the NVidia Omega drivers?
why would you use those? Just wondering. I do overclock my gfx card a bit, but i usualy set it to high quality (not vsync, mipmapping etc) Its hardly makes a difference to the frame rate if you got a somewhat decent system (76fps)

Why do you use omega? Less problems with ET?
Yezzir, I tried both (ati then) and tried them in braundorf, I noticed no difference between both (maybe a little, but not for my eyes).
Only difference I see is when I tweak my vga memory timings.
Voor? :P
mem timings voor vga doe ik met ATItool
what do the drivers do? improve performance?
im sure i could use it, having a laptop, but i dont wanna kill my laptop :P
there 100% safe afaik
I've got the ATi Radeon 9000.

-> Omega drivers: Problems while installing, Bad FPS.
-> ATi drivers: Good FPS, just a few problems with the "control center".
i got ati r9000, and i use omega. what drivers (versions) do you use?
ATI Catalyst Control Center
Version 1.2.2243.38605

I'm not sure, but i don't think it's the newest version.
The newest don't support the 9000 anymore as far as i know.
i haven't tried these ones, but heard they're better than omega

ah nice, but isnt rivatuner illegal even if 2d shows?
cause it does affect the performance, even by just slightly smoothening some surfaces
I can do all the things rivatuner does by changing the registry. Its just an interface imho. As long as you dont use lodbias out of -1 1 and such kind of settings there is nothing illegal about it. Is increasing your monitors contrast cheating? I can do it with the buttons on my monitor too :P
what about a fx5200 + those drivers ?
I have the same card, Thats why I made this topic... ;)

But it seems for Ati the original drivers are best.
yea but the fx5200 is from nvidia :o) else those drivers improved your fps or what ?
I have no clue ;)
can only use omega drivers for my mobility radeon x700, since the original drivers won't work. And the Samsung drivers are sooo 2005.
im quite sure thats the graphics card i have :O
i have a dell inspiron 9300 from 2 summers ago
say i would install the omega drivers, how would i benefit from that?
I get significant better fps with the omega drivers
so how does it work, i just install the drivers, and i get better fps?
I have a X1900XT.
With ATI drivers, I had laaags if others windows opened while I play.
So I tried omega drivers, there are much better ; and ATI tray tools is packaged in it, this prog is >> control center.
I tried ngo drivers as well, and noticied no difference between these and omega.
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